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The Black Star Marketing Group is a minority owned, marketing firm that builds and creates effective marketing strategies that engage target audiences, improve customer retention and increase ROI for athletic brands and athletic programs.

“Our goal is to help provide businesses with marketing capabilities to increase awareness and expand their brand.” We plan to develop entrepreneurs and businesses in athletics around the globe’s knowledge of marketing and technology as well as the benefits for businesses of marketing in the present and the future.

Our plan is to develop entrepreneurs and businesses around the globes' knowledge of digital marketing and technology as well as the benefits for businesses of marketing in the present and the future


Social Media

Social is the present and the future of business. Social media should be part of any athletic brand's campaigns. The question is HOW to use its dynamic platforms and create new strategies to gain more of an audience. With our creative thinkers, we are able to improve any campaign to fit our client’s needs.


Creating impactful brands is what your audience will always remember. We think of branding as a language that speaks to your audience. Whether is creating a new brand or revamping your current brand, let us create YOUR language for the masses.


Your program/brand represents a culture of athletes, schools, and much more. You need a partner that is able to help speak the language of your culture. The BSMG is able to communicate with your audience they want to be communicated to.

Direct Market

Marketing that communicates and is distributed to your consumers and audience. Personalization to your specific consumer in your target audience is important.

Event Experience & Partnerships

Whether it is in-person or digital, THE BSMG is able to create tailored event experiences for our clients that fans will remember. We are able to integrate entertainment, digital and social interactive engagements, ambassadors, and partnerships that increase brand loyalty with our clients and their fans.



Dawn L.

They didn't hit us with the okie doke. They did the damn thang and helped scale my business! They went in-depth with it. The best investment I have spent on my business.


Eric H.

As a company with diverse audiences, The BSMG simplified and made it possible to reach, keep track of, and maintain constant communication with each and every client. The BSMG has helped what was a simple, one location, business; increase its sales and profit margins. Invest in your sports brand with The Black Star Marketing Group and you won’t be sorry!


Danielle F.

I've struggled the last couple of months to get my ads to cross the Facebook finish line. That finally changed and I have The Black Star Marketing Group to thank! They were able to give direction to make these ads happen and for the, I am Tremendously grateful. Thank You, thank you, thank you!


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